Play Your Stress Away & Become a more Confident You!

Functional Fidget & Sensory Jewelry for Anxiety & Stress Relief!

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Benefits of Our Jewelry

Play Your Stress Away & Become a more Confident You!

I LOVE this ring! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous; it also soothes and comforts me! If I’m in a difficult conversation or I’m feeling stressed, I can fidget with it and it really helps me stay in the present moment. It’s an amazing piece for self soothing.

Tap Ring

A really lovely piece. I originally bought the necklace with the intention of adding lavender for the calming effects but what I was surprised to find out is how confident I felt while wearing the necklace. Calm and confident - a powerful combination.

Aromatherapy Necklace

These rings are SO comfortable to wear! They look really unique and are a great conversation piece. I feel so safe when I’m wearing them. I was so tired of trying to make a self defense piece out of my keys or whatever I had on me when walking alone. These are the perfect accessory. They look AWESOME and they bring calm. Amazing rings thank you Adarabella Designs!!

Self Defense Rings

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