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Play Your Stress Away & Become a more Confident You!

Functional Fidget & Sensory Jewelry for Anxiety & Stress Relief!

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Benefits of Our Jewelry

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Play Your Stress Away & Become a more Confident You!

I LOVE this ring! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous; it also soothes and comforts me! If I’m in a difficult conversation or I’m feeling stressed, I can fidget with it and it really helps me stay in the present moment. It’s an amazing piece for self soothing.

Tap Ring

These rings are SO comfortable to wear! They look really unique and are a great conversation piece. I feel so safe when I’m wearing them. I was so tired of trying to make a self defense piece out of my keys or whatever I had on me when walking alone. These are the perfect accessory. They look AWESOME and they bring calm. Amazing rings thank you Adarabella Designs!!

Self Defense Rings

A really lovely piece. I originally bought the necklace with the intention of adding lavender for the calming effects but what I was surprised to find out is how confident I felt while wearing the necklace. Calm and confident - a powerful combination.

Aromatherapy Necklace