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About the Artist - Dara Firoozi

Discursive Sensory Designer with a thematic focus on provoking positive conversation around Mental Health and educating self care practices through designing products for anxiety & stress relief in order to de-stigmatize the subject & encourage individuals healing journeys.

Alumna of the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan with a concentration in Product Design, combining the old world practices of Metalsmithing with the new wave applications of Digital Fabrication & a passion for Interactive Immersive Installation Design & wearale technology. (BFA '18)

Firoozi was named one of 12 Women Who are Changing the Game in Mental Health in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance

Learn more about her on our blog The Road to Resilience including an interview with our Founder on MarthaStewart.com


The Artist was raised in Shanghai, China from ages 3 - 16 before returning to the US for the last two years of High School and University. Firoozi uses her own experiences with her mental health journey with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the symptoms that are associated, as well as works with others to discuss their mental health journeys and ways in which to help create a tactile wellness wearable!

Can be reached at darafiroozi@adarabelladesigns.com

Let's connect on Linkedin or Instagram @Adarabella & @AdarabellaDesigns

Her portfolio & resume can be found at www.darafiroozi.com