Adarabella Designs
Functional Products for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Feel confident and in control with these stylish Self Defense Rings!

While it might appear like an edgy knuckle ring, when you make a fist the points of the rings extend beyond the knuckles and serve as a protective tool in a time of need. Great addition or alternative to the bulky pepper spray or carrying keys!

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Be In Control

Wear with the point going towards your hand so the point safely fits the natural slope of your fingers! Make a fist in a moment of need to extend the spikes.!

Feel Empowered

Take back your surroundings and feel safe wherever you are with this fashionable and discrete wearable!

Made for You!

One Size Fits All - Open back rings to fit any ring size and expand upon impact to protect the wearers hands! Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Sterling Silver, and Black Oxidized Sterling Silver! Customizable with metal, color or additional designs such as bezel set crystals!