Get 20% off our Spinner collection, Leather Pouches and Palo Santos Pendants! Limited quantity left!!

Spinner Collection - check out our version of the Fidget Spinner with our Labradorite Necklace, Bracelet and Ring that allows the wearer to twirl the crystal around when anxious or overwhelmed!

Leather Pouches - great for safely carrying around your favorite crystals, Palo Santos incense or whatever else you need on the go which also serves as a fidget tool to spin around!

Palo Santo Necklace & Key Chain - enjoy the healing benefits with our detachable pendants which come in a necklace or as a key chain! Safely detach and spark the scent!

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Spinner Collection

Necklace originally $35 now $28
Bracelet originally $65 now $52
Ring originally $50 now $40

Leather Pouches

originally $35 now $28

Palo Santos Pendants &
Key Chains

Necklace originally $15 now $12
Keychain originally $10 now $8