Tap Ring
The New Type of Fidget Ring

Fidget ring that allows the wearer to tap the stone back and forth! The bezel of the crystal is attached to the ring base with a hinge, allowing it to be easily tapped side to side!

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Adarabella Designs
Functional Products for Anxiety & Stress Relief!

Discrete Experience

Release excess energy with out anyone knowing by simply moving the stone back and forth! Privately play your stress away to stay confident during a conversation, to stay focused during a presentation or calm everyday anxieties!

Conversation Piece

These not only help to reduce stress and anxiety, they also provide an approachable platform for you to share your mental health journey and inspire others! #BreakTheStigma #ShareYourMentalHealthJourney

Made for You!

Practice Self Care and Self Awareness coping skills that work for your needs with a ring that fits your everyday style! One Size Fits All - The adjustable open back provides a flexible fit and is now available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Mixed Metals Rings with a selection of mental health focused healing stones; Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone or Onyx!