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Adarabella Designs is a line of functional and fashionable jewelry that serves as an on-the-go mental health aid! These therapeutic wearables and fidget jewelry are designed to help ground the wearer and teach self-care! Sensory grounding elements are incorporated into the work so the wearer can cope with anxiety or other symptoms by distracting busy minds and hands with the kinetic jewelry, breathing in essential oils from the aromatherapy beads, or feeling protected by the self defense rings!

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Our Mission

Adarabella Designs aims to provoke positive conversation around mental health, inform people about the relationship between the physical body and anxiety, while encouraging them to incorporate therapeutic healing practices, and inspiring individuals to share their story and remind them that they not alone in their journey!

Self Defense Rings

White it might appear like an edgy knuckle ring, when you make a fist the points of the rings extend beyond the knuckles and serve as a protective tool in a time of need. Great addition or alternative to the bulky pepper spray or carrying keys!

Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Retail Starting at $60 - Wholesale Starting at $30

Tap Rings
The New Type of Fidget Ring

Release excess energy with a fidget ring that allows the wearer to tap the stone back and forth! The bezel of the crystal is attached to the ring base with a hinge allowing it to be easily tapped side to side!

Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Oxidized Sterling Silver, with Amethyst, Moonstone, Labradorite & Onyx crystals

Retail starting at $100 - Wholesale starting at $50

Calming Collar

Busy minds lead to busy hands, tap into the haptic experiences of touch to redirect excess energy by fidgeting with the Calming Collar similar to playing with the string of a hoodie, distract your hands so you can be apart of the moment in front of you.

Made from Brass tubing, available with a variety of pendants

Retails at $60 - Wholesale at $30

Aromatherapy Necklace

Enjoy the grounding and soothing benefits of healing essential oils through out the day by adding 3-5 drops of your favorite scent to each of the black lava beads which hold the scent for 24 hours!

Available with a variety of crystals including Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Turquoise & more!

Retails at $35 - Wholesale at $17.50

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