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Say goodbye to "Snapping Out of It" and incorporate the Rubber Band Technique to help practice Self Awareness and Mindfulness through this Cognitive Behavioral Aversion Therapy with our discrete and fashionable Habit Hacker. 

How it Works: 

When you feel negative self deprecating thoughts or unwanted triggers coming on snap the rubber band against your wrist to help bring you back to the present moment

Incorporate affirmations and redirect those negative thoughts by using mantras, or nurture a new healthier habit by changing your actions after you snap.

The stimulation of the snap helps to distract the brain from its intended neural pathways of negative thoughts or triggers and provides an opportunity to redirect to healthier habits. 

Presale Details:

Order by June 1st to get 20% off with code SNAP 20 and orders go out by June 15th

You will also receive a selection of Rubber Bands with your purchase to Snap on the Habit Hacker