Body Survey

The physical body and the emotional body are directly correlated, while many think mental health is completely in the mind, it often manifests as physical symptoms such as; dizziness, sweating, numbness, tingling, shortness of breath and so on.

By taking this visual body survey it can help you to have a greater understanding of your mental and physical emotional body to help build a self awareness so that when these symptoms appear, you can integrate soothing grounding tools and help heal yourself!

This visual survey will also help us to help others by gathering data to design Wellness Wearables. Complete the body survey below to take a step in your healing journey while helping others along the way!

Step One: Download this file which contains the body survey

Step Two: Head to this link and upload the file

Step Three: Express your symptoms on the survey by circling the effected areas, write notes, or click the "more" button to draw on the body form where or how you experience different symptoms.

Step Four: Download the file and email to along with any additional notes you would like to share about your mental or physical emotional body! This will all be confidential names will not be shared but drawings might