What does a calming collar do?

Tap into the haptic experiences of touch to redirect excess energy by fidgeting with the Calming Collar. Based on EMDR techniques, the Bilateral Movement of the necklace (pulling the chain up and down on each side) helps the left and right hemisphere of the brain to communicate and self soothe! It helps you relieve stress and calm your nerves.

Do self-defense rings work?

Yes!! Want to feel safe and protected? Feel empowered by these Self Defense Rings, look good, and feel strong! If an incident occurs, scratch to collect DNA, which will get caught in the chamber of the ring, and use the findings to help file a police report.

How to use an aromatherapy necklace?

Add 3-5 drops of essential oil on the lava beads and rub for 24 hours of fragrance.

Use Mint for grounding and headaches

Use Majoram for mood lifter and stress relief

Use Lavender for anxiety and depression

What is Counter Bead Bracelet?

Ground with our Counter Beads to release excess energy. Keep count during breathwork and maintain focus! Our beads are threaded a particular way that allows the wearer to slide them like an abacus in a repetitive, meditative motion!

Where can I buy habit hackers?

Adarabella offers unique habit hackers that are fashionable and functional. Handmade and 100% authentic, check out our collection of functional jewelry and get yours now.

Are the rings’ sizes adjustable?

Yes! The rings are made open back to squeeze or expand to help fit and worn on different fingers for different styles of fidgeting. Plus, the open back is good for people with chronic pain and inflammation because of swelling. The calming collar can also be carefully bent in or widened for fit.

Can mental illness be cured?

Let’s change that mindset! You are not broken, you don’t need a cure! We are here to help you embrace your nicks and ticks, find ways to work with your habits and needs and empower you to gain control over your mental health and become a more confident you! There are treatments and a handful of ways that help people cope better, recover and live a long, happy, healthy life. Adarabella supports this cause and aims to raise awareness about the subject and show support through unique functional jewelry that teach self care and self awareness practices. Our items are designed to help ground the wearer, relieve anxiety, and cope with stressful situations.

Why does mental health matter?

Many people suffer from mental health conditions that can cause anxiety. What people don’t realize is that there are many physical symptoms that accompany the mental symptoms of anxiety, leading to not just a stressed mind, but a stressed body as well. In fact, one in five adults experience mental illness within a given year, [and] 18.1% of adults have anxiety disorder (NAMI). On top of that, 7.7 million Americans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (NAMI). This shows that there is a mental health epidemic. What is not clear is why we are still afraid to talk about it, and why we still are not doing anything about it as a society. Adarabella Designs aims to bring awareness about the physical side of mental health and the everyday necessity for a product, due to seemingly unavoidable and unstoppable symptoms of anxiety and trauma, when without proper coping mechanisms. It is also intended to empower those with mental health conditions to accept themselves and work towards healing and gaining self controland self confidence.

Where can I get a mini tap ring?

Our community asked for it and we delivered! Same feel as the Original Tap Ring with a more discrete and dainty design! Enjoy our latest release and get yourself a fashionable handmade tap ring today!


Our Original Tap Ring has always been our Top Selling product! Our Fan Favorite is getting a new look inspired by our customers!

What is your return policy?

At this time, given this is a small business with a solo founder who is the solo member of the team, if you are not satisfied with your product we can offer you to swap out for a different product (must be returned first), or return items for a gift card for future products (combination depending on order value) but have a no return policy otherwise. If product is broken upon recieveing due to shipping (with photo prodivded of damage) a replacement can be sent, after recieving broken parts from provided return slip (upon request).