Design Process

Research & Design

Adarabella Designs started out of as a Senior Thesis project at the University of Michigan's School of Art & Design that explores psychological grounding therapies, old world naturopathic practices, discursive product design and sensory material explorations!

The Body & Anxiety Survey

In addition to academic research, the most valuable research that is incorporated into the designs, are the collection of visual body surveys, which ask individuals to mark out and draw how and where their body experiences anxiety and retains trauma!


The combination of the academic research and responses from The Body & Anxiety survey, provides insights into the physical side of anxiety and common overwhelming symptoms, which influences the functions of the designs as well as the placement on the body!

3D Rendering

The next step takes the sketches from 2D to 3D by using rendering software to bring dimension and form to the pieces. This not only helps to produce forms through digital fabrication, but also provide measurements and prototypes for the handmade pieces!

Blending Old & New

Adarabella Designs is a brand that is passionate about sensory material exploration, and experimenting with the applications of, combining the old world practices of metalsmithing, with the new age production processes of digital fabrications!

Customized Hydraulic Press Dye Forms

The use of a hydraulic press along with, hand cut or carved blocks, CNC engraved MDF or laser cut acrylic dye forms can create texture and dimension out of flat sheet metal!

3D Printing Castable Resin

The blending of old and new allows us to now render 3D forms in CAD software and 3D print the form in a castable resin which can then be cast in metal using lost wax casting methods!


Pre-industrialized practices of piercing and hand sawing, hammering and forging, soldering and annealing as well as finishing and polishing and more are incorporated into the production process!