Adarabella in Motion

Self soothe and ground with the Calming Collar fidget necklace! Stay present by releasing pent up energy!

Find your focus & release anxious energy with the Tap Ring !

Feel empowered by these Self Defense Rings!

Enjoy the soothing benefits of Essential Oils from the Aromatherapy Necklaces!

Stay prepared in style while keeping your PPE off of dirty surface with our Mask Chains!

Inspired by the string of a hoodie, find a rhythmic flow, while pulling the chain up and down through the tubing, to release pent up energy!

Discrete fidget ring to help sooth those daily stressors whether during a class or a meeting, in an anxious social situation, or when trying to focus!

Feel confident and in control with this empowering alternative to carrying pepper spray or holding keys between our knuckles!

Diffuse your Essential Oil of the day on the black Lava Beads to match your intention and mindset and switch it up the next day!

Never lose your mask, or place it on a dirty table again, with our Face Mask Chains, while bringing some personal style to our daily PPEs!