Resilience Routine

Welcome to my first blog post! Here I share how a moment of reaction, rather than coming from a place of love and gratitude, helped me recognize that my lack of self care and self love practices were causing me to be in a low vibrational state, where I was out of alignment with my truth and my intentions. And how I took this opportunity to reset with a resilience routine of 10 ways to set myself up for success in the morning, in the evening and everything in between!

Do you ever catch yourself out of alignment? Find yourself acting or rather, reacting, in a way that does not represent how you want to carry yourself? I found myself doing that today. Quietly frankly many days as of late... It's hard to feel weighed down by these feeling of insecurities, vulnerabilities or even fear. But these emotions that root from scarcity don't have to be in control, you are in control, and you can change them and reset at any moment! (Lovely tip from @reclaimtheway)

Today I was very emotional about something that I feel like I have been gaining a lot more confidence and comfortability around, yet I responded with sadness, sense of abandonment and even created anxious stories around one simple interaction. It caught me off guard, as much as it did the other person involved, why was I back stepping when I had made peace towards this matter? While I didn't see it myself, it was because I wasn't taking care of myself - I hadn't addressed my basic needs that day to set me up for being present, positive and able to come from a place of love.

It was as if my soul was "hangry", which was also the case because I literally had not addressed my basic needs of food, water, exercise and sunlight, but rather prioritized caffeine, sitting in front of my computer, and finding something to sulk about. Sometimes it's hard to see your own actions for what they are, some of us are better that than others, and some of us have moment where people help us to hold ourselves accountable. To know is one thing, but to act is another. Had I filled my cup that morning, I probably with have reached with gratitude and excitement for an empowering experience I heard about rather than finding a way to make it about me. My cup was low and I chose to make it lower. When instead, in true alignment with myself, I believe in celebrating others, that's what spreads love for everyone involved.

But it wasn't this one instance, not taking care of myself has led to confidence issues, self doubt, and sometimes lack of focus. When we hold ourselves accountable, that's when there is room for growth. And my we, I mean oneself, only we can do the work that evolves us to our highest self and it takes effort. Effort not only when things are up or down, but consistency. Self love is a practice that should not be taken lightly. Self Love is listening to the body when things seem off and responding addressing your needs, releasing the negativity, forgiving the mistakes, gratitude for the lessons, and acceptance through taking action. An amazing practice that I come to when I find myself in moments of low vibration when interacting with others is a forgiveness meditation where you imagine the person, or people, involved in front of you and repeat to them "I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I love You" until all is release and only love and light shines through.

Time to recognize and take action after detaching from the stories and recognizing that I was not acting in alignment with how I really felt, as well as accepting that I had not practiced self love and self care with myself this morning, it felt important to reset, and to create a daily routine to set myself up for success, growth, abundance, gratitude and over flowing love! I am grateful to have a community who loves me, holds me accountable and is always supporting me - but those are things I need to be doing for myself, in order to give back that same love, support, and gratitude. In order to keep motivated and focused on setting up consistency in my life.

Reset with a Resilience Routine - I had decided to reset through a Resilience Routine by listing a daily morning and evening routine, and one for everything in between. I have a friend who shared something with me about how he sets his morning routine and decided to use it as inspiration - he decides everyday to do 10 things before 10 AM, big or small, so I ran with the idea and chose 10 things to do before 10 AM and 10 things to do before 10 PM, as well as 10 for the in between! While some of these might seem basic, and others a little "woo" these are the tools that I know will help me to be in an elevated state of love, compassion and honor, towards myself and those around me!

Would love to hear what you do as a part of your daily resilience routine! Comment below or tag us @adarabelladesigns !

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